HOUSE 3701

  • Date: 2015
  • Status: Site 17,534 SF | House 4,019 SF
  • Status: Completed
  • Location: Houston | TX


The Parkwood House lies in an historic neighborhood with oversized lots and abundant green spaces that is resurging towards its former prominence. The project began with an all too common client request – to have a home that brings the outdoors into the house, but the Houston climate (heat, humidity, and relentless mosquitoes) always makes this a challenging task. Glazing systems are an obvious solution to create this transparency, but with a modest budget, these systems had to be strategically located and concentrated to successfully integrate the interior and exterior. Floor to ceiling windows and exaggerated roof overhangs extend the spaces to the outside and provide significant shading under the hot Texas sun. The unconventional use of masonry creates walls which separate from the house and extend into the landscape to become fences and screens, giving personal scale to courtyards and melding together the living spaces. These perforated brick fences also contribute to a dynamic layering of the main public spaces and modulate privacy and views.

The folded roof-plane intentionally channels all rainwater to two points in order to facilitate collection into a future cistern. A geothermal HVAC system reaches into the ground to regulate the temperature of the home year-round and eliminates the need for unsightly condensers. The project will eventually include solar panels when funds permit and contemplates being almost completely self-sustaining.

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