Featured on AIA Houston Home Tour - 2015

Awards:  AIA Houston Home Tour  2015

Date:  Completed 2015

Size:  Site 10,923 SF | Unit 2,720 SF – 2,920 SF

Location:  Houston | TX

A corner lot on a wide oak lined boulevard in the Houston Museum District created an opportunity to allow for street front terraces and a unique floor plan for each Unit. Double height spaces, split level living rooms, and monochromatic interiors are all packaged into a LEED certified design  (pending completion). City planning requirements of a 15 foot visibility triangle provide a place for the project to engage the street and the community forming a small park with integrated seating and shading provided by climate appropriate plantings.

The 6 town-homes are grouped into pairs of interlocking volumes reflected by two opposing stucco finishes, a natural grey and a painted white. The joining of these volumes are then further articulated with a dark bronze anodized strip of windows and aluminum panels. Openings within these blocks are created by carving in and pushing out of the stucco envelope. Windows are then grouped between adjacent rooms, floors and the neighboring unit to create larger overall openings within the exterior skin. This achieved a grander scale within the individual apertures and the massing of the building.

Photography:  Benjamin Hill Photography



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