Unique Pair of Custom Homes in Richwood Place


Date:  Completed 2018

Size:  Site 8,215 SF    |  4411 –  3,460 SF    4415 – 4,750 SF

Location:  Houston | TX

WOODHEAD DOUBLE is the 3rd exploration into “house pairs”; an alternate way to increase density within Houston’s urban center that is between the 4 townhouses that would normally be built on this size property and a single home occupying a large lot. For improved usability, this strategy employs a single common drive, shared mechanical area, and expanded yards achieved by swapping typically unusable setback space.

The exterior is composed of natural finish stucco, with accents of shou sugi ban charred Cypress siding and textured brick walls and screens. The vertical arrangement of the north unit allows for a split level living/dining/kitchen 2nd floor with the extra height in the living available by right sizing the Garage. Bedrooms at the top have large north facing glass and balconies with downtown views.

The corner house was purposefully arranged around a large old oak tree to preserve its roots and offer views into the tree canopy from most of the primary spaces. It features an integrated koi pond that wraps from the entry to a private screened courtyard off of the dining space. The yard gate is operable to expand the kids play area under the tree and is finished with water jet cut perforated aluminum panels in a pattern derived from the pixelated image of the tree’s limbs.

Photography: Joe Aker, Benjamin Hill

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